Kansas Work-Study Application (Employer)

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General Information about Your Company

Please describe the nature of your company or organization. Include both a general description of the nature of your business as well as the specific area in which students will be hired to work
Please detail the job description(s) for student(s) who will participate in the Kansas Work-Study Program. Include specific duties and responsibilities.
What majors would be particularly suited to these jobs? (i.e. Business, Education, Pharmacy, etc.)

Current Employee Information

Do you have students working for you now who may be eligible for the program? If so, please list their name, major, current position, anticipated position (if different), current wage, and anticipated wage (if different).

Expectations if Awarded a Contract with the Kansas Work-Study Program

Do you plan on hiring more eligible students if accepted into the program? (Not to exceed a total of four students per company.) If so, how many and for what position(s)?
How many hours per week will each position require? (Not to exceed 20 hours when classes are in session, and 40 hours during breaks.)
What will be the hourly rate of pay for each position listed above?
Our office bases acceptance on the career opportunities provided to students and the benefits afforded to the employer. If your application is approved, you will be offered a contract based on your anticipated expenses outlined above. Before a contract may be awarded, an employer must have at least one student who has eligibility to work in the Kansas Work-Study program.